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A list of documentation and resources to help find your way around the translation center. There are document visible to:

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Client NGOs

Project managers


Support page for the translation center powered by

Support page for the translation center powered by

General information

For a general explanation on the translation center powered by, including a couple of videos, visit the corresponding landing page.

Instructions for service providers

If you are a service provider working in this instance of the translation center powered by, you should read the Instructions for service providers document.

If you have questions or requests related to any job or task, post them as a message in the relevant translation center job page.

Instructions for administrators

If you are an administration in a translation center instance, you should:

  • Personalize it using the 'Settings' option in the 'Administration' menu, at the top-right corner of the translation center. See the Managing the settings folder to get the relevant information.
  • Invite and complete the information on the actors in your translation center (other administrators, clients and service providers) following the information to be found in the Managing of the actors folder.
  • Find advice for the management of the operation in the Managing the operation folder.

If still in need, ask for help!

If you still need help on issues related to a job, please post your request as a message in the corresponding job or job posting page.

If you need to contact the company or organization managing this translation center for other reasons, please leave a message through the Contact us! feature to be found in the Support menu option at the top of this page.

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