List of non-profits

Translators without Borders supplies voluntary or low cost translation services to humanitarian organisations. The following is a list of some of the non-profit organizations served.

SolidarityNow (MMP)

SolidarityNow consists of a network of people and organizations whose goal is to assist and support those most affected by the economic and humanitarian crises in Greece. Through the provision of services to both the local Greek and migrant populations, we seek to restore the vision of a strong Europe based on solidarity and open values.


Solinfo is an international solidarity association (NGO) based in France since 2002.
It is animated by volunteers who believe that children should be an universal priority.
This association has set a goal to try to improve the condition of the education of vulnerable children in foreign countries.
We provide computer trainings, art, sport workshops and recreational activities.
We collaborate with local representatives as a way of respecting their culture. We don’t hold any political or religious views.


The primary goal of Solthis is to increase the access to antiretroviral treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries.

SOS Children's Villages (Morocco)

SOS Children's Villages has been supporting Morocco's vulnerable young people and children since the early 1980s. Although Morocco has made important steps with regards to child protection, thousands of children continue to face great hardships in their daily lives. Child trafficking and high rates of child poverty and illiteracy, particularly in rural areas, are major problems that need to be tackled.

Spark Online

SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship to empower young, ambitious people to lead their conflict-affected societies into prosperity.

Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Foundation

Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Foundation

Special Olympics Mongolia

Special Olympics Mongolia has been part of the Special Olympics movement since 2014. Here’s an overview of the history of the global Special Olympics movement’s grand history.

It all began in the 1950s and early 1960s, when Eunice Kennedy Shriver saw how unjustly and unfairly people with intellectual disabilities were treated. She also saw that many children with intellectual disabilities didn’t even have a place to play. She decided to take action.

St Boniface Haiti Foundation

SBHF aims to continue transforming the St. Boniface Hospital in Fond des Blancs, Haiti, into a leading center of excellence in health care delivery. Since 1983, SBHF has acquired over 3 decades of experience with working in health care, education and community development in rural Haiti. The St. Boniface Hospital was built in 1992 and is annually accredited by the MSPP. At present, the St. Boniface Hospital serves a direct catchment area of 50,000 persons through inpatient, outpatient or community-based services, such as: general physical consultations, surgery and radiology; OB/GYN surgery; maternal, neonatal – including the only NICU incubators in all of southern Haiti -- and pediatric care; preventative and treatment services for cholera, TB, malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS, among other conditions; general nutritional counseling; and spinal cord injury rehabilitation and community reintegration.

Starfish Foundation MMP

Providing emergency relief to refugees arriving on the northern shores of Lesvos

Starfish One By One

Starfish's is contributing to the global movement for gender equity and girls' education by unlocking and maximizing the potential of young women to lead transformational change. Our vision is empowerment, equality, and opportunity for all.