The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust

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Employing all communications technologies to reach and transfer health and nutrition knowledge directly from and to the whole community.

Our projects deal with broad programmes involving large numbers of people, and they often cite statistics to discuss the health concerns of these people. We wish to remember, then, that every statistic is comprised of a large number of individuals – individuals loved by their families and communities, and individuals who (or whose parents) work hard to contribute to those communities. Too many of these individuals die before having a fair chance at life while many others who live are left to lead a life forever handicapped by a childhood of hunger, illness and both physical and mental underdevelopment.

Behind all our efforts is the principle that every individual matters, that life is a precious gift and every unnecessary and avoidable death is a great tragedy and moral challenge.

We also wish to remember that health education is at its core an attempt to value life and each individual, and that a new order of health can be achieved to save these lives, which is our prime goal and purpose.