Humana People to People

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Humana People to People organizations have been active for up to 32 years with long-term development projects within Education, Agriculture and Rural Development, the Fight against AIDS, Community Development, Environment and Economic Development.

Humana People to People has placed itself in the frontline of development. Being a part of civil society in many countries in good times as in bad has earned the organizations a solid reputation of seriousness in the development work among people, within the governments, in national and international organizations alike. The Humana People to People organizations have extensive experience in implementing development programs of many different kinds and under difficult conditions, in making things happen and in doing what it takes to reach the set goals. These are qualities needed in the frontline of development.

The combined efforts of Humana People to People organizations in Europe and North America and those of Africa, Asia and Latin America have resulted in more than 360 development projects in operation in the beginning of 2011. They involve 11.5 million people and have 8.300 employees in 10 countries in Africa, 3 countries in Asia, and 3 countries in Latin America. In addition to this, 13.2 million people buy clothes from the 2nd hand clothes trade in 6 countries in Africa. In 26 countries in Europe and North America, Humana People to People member organizations protect the environment through collection and reuse of second hand clothing.