Infectious Diseases of Poverty

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The journal of Infectious Diseases of Poverty aims to build on the “One health - One world” approach to publish original and empirical work, including scoping reviews and original articles on trans-disciplinary research to combat the infectious diseases which affect mainly the poor populations. Our objectives are to: (1) review a wide range of topic areas, methods and strategies aiming at to essential public health questions related to the IDPs; (2) identify and assess the research base underlying important current and future public health options, choices and decisions in relation to the IDPs; (3) identify and highlight information divergencies and research gaps that hinder progress towards new interventions for particular public health problems; (4) facilitate the much needed dialogue between policy makers, public health practitioners, control staff and academic researchers and their donors; and (5) provide an advocacy platform for the translation of new knowledge into policy, propose research priority settings, and promote large-scale programmes to combat the IDPs.