List of non-profits

Translators without Borders supplies voluntary or low cost translation services to humanitarian organisations. The following is a list of some of the non-profit organizations served.

Child Rights International Network (CRIN)

CRIN is a global research, policy and advocacy organisation. Our goal is a world where children's rights are recognised, respected and enforced, and where every rights violation has a remedy - We are a small organisation of 17 staff members.
We are seeking Translators without Borders’ help in obtaining translations for one of our main projects: ‘Access to justice for children: challenging violations of children’s rights’ ( The project maps out how children can access justice for rights violations in every country in the world by producing reports for every country in the world, as well as a global comparative report. Currently, there are 100 country reports published on CRIN’s website and we aim to publish the remainder by mid-2015.

Child to Child

Child to Child is an international child-rights agency located at the Institute of Education, University of London.

A pioneer of the children’s participation movement, the Child to Child concept was first developed in 1978 by our Founders, Dr. David Morley (Institute of Child Health) and Dr. Hugh Hawes (Institute of Education) to commemorate the forthcoming International Year of the Child (1979). The Child to Child Trust (now called Child to Child) was established as an organisation in 1987. Since then, we have delivered a range of services to organisations all around the world to promote children’s participation and child-led approaches.

Child to Child trains leading global agencies in a number of practical approaches that enable children to play a meaningful role in their own lives and to promote the health, education and wellbeing of themselves and their communities.

Children of the Mekong

Children of the Mekong (“COTM”) is a London-based charity registered with the UK Charity Commission (n°1116375). It is the UK branch of “Enfants du Mekong” (“EDM”) a French charity founded in Laos in 1958 and active in 7 countries in Southeast Asia: Burma, Cambodia, China (Yunnan), Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.
COTM’s mission is to educate, train and mentor the poorest children and young people in the regions where it operates.

CHS Alliance

The CHS Alliance improves the effectiveness and impact of assistance to crisis-affected and vulnerable people, by working with humanitarian and development actors on quality, accountability and people management initiatives. Formed in 2015 by the merger of HAP International and People In Aid, the Alliance brings together more than two decades of experience supporting the sector in applying standards and good practices. Creating a truly global enterprise, it already has a membership of more than 240 organisations that are headquartered in 55 capitals and operating in more than 160 countries worldwide.

College Possible

The primary goal of College Possible is to support low-income students in their journey to and through college, using an intense curriculum of coaching and support. College Possible works with students on ACT/SAT preparation, college application assistance, financial aid consulting, guidance in the college transition, and support toward students’ college degree completion. Essentially, we support deserving low-income students with the entire college process, from admissions testing in high school to their college graduation.

Concern Worldwide

We are an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries.

We work in partnership with the very poorest people in these countries, directly enabling them to improve their lives, as well as using our knowledge and experience to influence decisions made at a local, national and international level that can significantly reduce extreme poverty. In 2015, we positively impacted the lives of 22.5 million people.


La Confederación SALUD MENTAL ESPAÑA es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro y de interés social que surgió en 1983. En la actualidad, integramos a 19 federaciones autonómicas y asociaciones uniprovinciales, las cuales agrupan a cerca de 300 asociaciones y suman más de 44.000 socios y socias en todo el territorio estatal.

Desde junio del año 2015 FEAFES pasa a denominarse Confederación SALUD MENTAL ESPAÑA, ofreciendo a la sociedad una visión positiva, que se acerca más al concepto de “salud mental” y se aleja del de “enfermedad mental. De esta forma, se propicia que el conjunto de la sociedad se sienta interpelada directamente por el mensaje de la Confederación, ya que el nuevo nombre diluye la diferenciación entre personas sanas y personas con enfermedad, en tanto que todos debemos cuidar la salud mental.

Nuestra misión es mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas con enfermedad mental y sus familias, defender sus derechos y representar al movimiento asociativo.

CPMS project (Child Protection Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Action)

The CPMS aim to:
-Establish common principles among those working in child protection
-Improve the quality of child protection programming.
-Improve accountability within child protection work
-Provide a synthesis of good practice and learning to date
-Enable better advocacy and communication on child protection risks, needs and responses.

Crossroads/Stockholms Stadsmission

Crossroad is an information and support centre for EU – migrant’s living in poverty or/and in homelessness in Stockholm. Crossroad is a part of Stockholm City Mission.

The purpose of Crossroads is to counteract social and financial exclusion by:

• Provide some support for basic need
• Inform the participants about their rights and obligations in Sweden
• Provide information about the Swedish society and how one establishes in Sweden.
• Provide individual counselling
• Convey contact with other organizations, official agencies, etc.
• Provide language courses
• Assist with translation of resumes
• Assist in writing resumes and cover letters

Danish Red Cross MMP

We help in daily life and during disasters. From first aid kit in the rear wars on the other side of the world.

More than 17 million volunteers in 190 countries form the core of the Red Cross. In Denmark alone, we are more than 25,000 volunteers.

We help people in need without regard to their nationality, ethnicity or religion.

We are a neutral organization independent of party politics. But we have attitudes and speak on behalf of the vulnerable.